Cardiovascular exercise is an exercise for the heart and lungs. During cardio exercise, your heart rate increases and your lung capacity expands. To keep our muscles in shape and our heart healthy, we need to move our body. Cardio exercises make our heart stronger. If you have a stronger cardiovascular system more oxygen will be delivered to your muscles.

What is more effective? Weightlifting before or after a cardiovascular exercise?

It depends on what is your specific goal such as building muscles and improving sports skills or improving cardiovascular endurance. If your goal is to increase your muscle size and strength, it can be accomplished by lifting weights first. This is when the body’s glycogen is high which makes the exercise more effective. Doing cardio exercise before lifting will deplete glycogen. On the other hand, in order to maintain cardiovascular endurance, cardio exercises should be performed first.

Benefits of cardiovascular exercise include weight loss, reduced stress, reduced risk of heart diseases, stronger heart and lungs, and better sleep.

Whichever comes first, you have to make sure that it will fit your daily routine and lifestyle. You need to order your exercise according to what is best for your body. Maybe you feel better when you do cardio exercise first before lifting or your body responds well in burning fats faster when you lift weights first followed by cardio exercise.