Can you build muscle on a Ketogenic Diet?



Definitely “Yes”.

While on Keto, you need to cut down your carb intake and bump up your fat intake. But with fewer carbohydrates, you can still build your muscles and improve your muscle build-up process. You can even build muscles with zero carbohydrates.

So how can you build-up muscles while on Keto?

In order to produce muscle growth, you have to apply a load of tension to your muscles by doing a proper workout. The tension on the muscles will help activate growth of muscles. After a workout, it is also important to have an adequate rest and fuel to help the muscles grow and regenerate.

Eating more calories from fats, an ample amount of protein and a great workout plan will definitely help you bump up your muscles while in the ketogenic diet. Muscle cell glycogen is the primary source of glucose for muscle cells but you can still refill glycogen without carbs. While on Keto, fats become the source of energy instead of glycogen, thus little glycogen is actually needed and can be refilled faster.

Thus, Ketogenic Diet is one of the best options in building muscle mass. With Keto, you will stimulate ketosis and insulin spike that will help reduce muscle breakdown.