When you are starting the Ketogenic diet, doing workout and exercise right away would not be easy. Your body will feel weak during the transition phase or before finally hitting ketosis.  But once you entered ketosis, your energy level will increase and you can try some simple workout plan.

Combining ketogenic diet and workout will definitely help you improve your health in many ways. But many are asking, is it possible to do a workout without eating carbohydrates?

Yes. Carb restriction will just limit your performance during high-intensity activities but you can still do weightlifting on a low repetition. You just have to stick on your macros, which means eating the right quantity of macronutrients while exercising.




Weightlifting with five or more sets of 8 or fewer reps per exercise is ideal on a keto diet.  But it is also important to consider which exercise will best suit you and your energy level.

Although, simple and short exercise is not the best way to lose weight you will still gain muscle and will improve your health in the long run. Benefits of the keto diet and exercise include improved memory, mood, sleep, and cognitive function. Reduced the risk of having a chronic disease, inflammation, stress, and pain.